JOSUBU Productions’ team handles projects ranging from single-camera to multi-camera, large and small scale in 18 states across the country. 

Depending on the project, we hire a great crew and the right production equipment for the job.  We work extremely well with Agencies and Marketing Departments, handling Motion Graphics, Documentary style, Promos, Music Videos, Presentations, and much more.  

Our signature service is post-production.  We excel in editing and motion graphics as well as color correcting and audio mix.  We can do it all ourselves, but sometimes because of time or size, we can use one or more of the many skilled artists we know and have used in the past.  Colorists, motion designers, designers, 3D artists, rotoscope artists, VO, director of photography, and many more!  We have solid crews we use for production in the northeast, the south, the midwest, and of course California.  We are ready to go with whatever your project is.

JOSUBU Productions edit room 1
Motion Graphics designed for The Late Late Show