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In 1995, Jonathan Budine made his move to New York City to work as a director, editor, and motion designer for Broadway Video, Reveal 42 (formerly Creative Group NYC), and Motive NYC/HSR.

During this time he worked on national commercials, shows, UpFronts, and key marketing campaigns for CBS, NBC, ABC, the Food Network, The Late Show (Letterman and Colbert), The Late Late Show (Ferguson and Corden), MTV, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Comedy Central, ESPN, HBO, Showtime and many others.



In 2020 and 2021 showrunner Jon Budine Directed and Edited a Mr. America docuseries called “The Road to Mr. America” as well as the multicamera events for CBS Sports Network.  


In 2002, while at Creative Group, Jonathan was tapped to be one of the online editors for Michael Moore’s Academy Award-winning documentary film “Bowling for Columbine” in one of the original High Definition Suites in NYC.  

Jonathan also worked on the biographical film “The Kid Stays in the Picture”. 



Along with the feature documentary films, Jon worked on MTV shows like Jerry Springer Spring Break, Do What Karaoke, What A Girl Wants, TRL Live (before it was live), MTV Sports, as well as CBS Fall Season Preview shows. 

Jonathan was an online editor for Bowling for Columbine

Jon was an editor for SNL at Broadway Video for a season

Spring Break Shows and many others were edited by Jon


Drawing from his experience as an editor for a season of Saturday Night Live's infamous commercial shorts, Jonathan Budine co-produced and directed his own original short film "Take Out".

This award-winning short film was an official selection to the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, the 2007 Dragon*Con short film festival, and the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival as well as over 30 others. In 2007, "Take Out" made its LA premiere at Grauman's Mann Chinese Theater for the Scream Fest Film Festival.

It was sold to MiniMovie out of LA after they saw it at the Palm Spring Short Film Festival in 2008


Jon Co-Produced and Directed the award winning short film Take Out. Click to watch.


Jon has been working independently with different departments within CBS for almost 2 decades.

He has worked on opening video presentations for UpFronts. He has a long-standing relationship with the department that controls on-air promotions for The Late Show with David Letterman through to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Late Late Show with Ferguson through to James Cordon and other special projects for Survivor, The Amazing Rave, and multiple other shows through the years.

The Marketing Department, Advertising and Promotions, Branded Entertainment and Media Innovations as well as many other departments still rely on Jon for editing and motion graphics as well as topical package design, promo design, and many other video projects.

Examples of special projects have been inserts for product placement and promo sections that were in the actual episode as well as interactive promo work.

Jon's work with CBS has been seen on multiple Super Bowls. Upfronts, Affiliates throughout the country, Digital Media boards in Times Square NYC and Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, and many other locations as well as on CBS air.


Jonathan opened his own production company in July 2011, naming it:

JOSUBU [joe-soo-boo] Productions (a combination of Jonathan and his wife, Susie’s name). 

Jon originally created the name and website in 1999 to show his family their firstborn.  The internet was just new and email could not send pictures so this was the quickest and easiest way for them to see her.  He did not know that 12 years later it would become the name of his company.

Jonathan is a musician, artist, and avid photographer as well as a die-hard New York Yankees and New York Giants fan.


“Jon is a rare talent in the video industry. He’s one of those guys that completes your sentences and knows exactly what you’re looking for before you say it. As a creative director it’s my job to make sure that the concepts that I create translate in any medium. When I work with Jon on video projects, that’s easily attainable. I would recommend Jon for just about anything that video has to offer.”

Jim W., Creative Director Medical Agency

“I worked with Jon closely on a number of promo projects. Jon is smart, talented, and fun to work with. He has a great deal of patience, a hard work ethic and knows how to make life easy for both his clients and co-workers. As a Producer, I knew that if I had Jon on my project, it was not only going to get done but get done right! I would highly recommend Jon for whatever your project needs are. You will not be disappointed!”

Alicia B., Producer in a Medical Agency

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon on a number of occasions – add in Jon’s easy-going demeanor, creativity, and quickness and you have one heck of an editor. Jon also has an incredible eye for detail and is meticulous when it comes to whatever projects he has on his plate. I would highly recommend Jon for any job that you may have.”

Dan E., Producer

“Jon Budine is an amazing combination of raw talent and personal drive. I have never met another individual with more concern for the quality of his craft and the needs of his clients. There is no length that Jon won’t go to for a better product and to exceed the expectations of his clients.

His talent and drive have him producing, directing, and editing all types of ground-breaking work from music videos to features. He has endless talent and creative energy that is seldom matched in NYC or elsewhere. He is truly “first class” all the way. Working with Jon is an honor. To be a client of Jon’s is a privilege.”

Hal W., Creative Services Manager

Jon is a top-notch collaborator whose good taste and enthusiasm bring out the best in projects. 

David R., Creative Director and Promo Producer

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