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JOSUBU Productions


JOSUBU Productions works closely with pharmaceutical agencies, marketing agencies, broadcast networks, cable channels, and shows like Survivor.  We help build company brands with high-end video content.  We have decades of experience in cinematic video with a push toward motion graphic design and editing.  We have also produced and directed shoots in 20 different states.  With roots that began in NYC, we deliver this style and innovation to our clients.

Our work has been seen on multiple Super Bowls, network shows, broadcast promotions, sales meetings, social media platforms, and much more. Our clients expect a lot from us and we deliver.  

The JOSUBU Family is very experienced in telling stories about your services, products, or events to make the audience feel emotionally like they are there with you.  Documentary style is our sweet spot.

We shoot on RED cameras as well as Drones to give a cinematic feel and with partners like Bud Hayman Images, we can bring all ends of production to a very high level.


Our significant documentary experience helped us create a docuseries and multiple-events shows that aired on CBS Sports Network, based on the natural athletes that compete in Mr. America.

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**Due to the confidential nature of a portion of our projects, we are unable to publicly post samples.
Please ask to receive a separate reel.


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